Colorado Springs - Colorado - United States

Cory Marr is a Colorado-based photographer. His experience has fostered a love of travel, and he is constantly searching for beautiful landscapes to capture. He often collaborates with local artists in the studio or on locations across the country.

His main body of work consists of medium format film photography, which has led to a love of the process—from camera to print. He has delved into the technical aspects of film photography and acquired an appreciation for not only capturing an image but also spending time in the dark room developing. While his passion is rooted in film, he is experienced in many aspects of digital photography and enjoys studio work. His portfolio consists of a diverse range of projects including product, editorial, and portrait photography.

Marr is available for these types of projects either as a lead photographer or studio assistant. Prints are available for purchase and can be shipped domestically. Feel free to contact the photographer regarding any photography needs, assistant opportunities, or to purchase/display his fine art prints.